In the development of any company, the founders come to the point where it is necessary for the business process to be designed and organized without their direct involvement. We help companies cope with this process.

Transformation Consulting

We love change and live change. That is why we offer comprehensive consulting in the transformation of your company together with the technological implementation. Because the transformation of companies and organizations is critical for success today. If you don’t adapt, you will be left behind.


Transformation is about much more than changing course. It’s about a new way of doing business. The new way is quickly noticed by customers as well as suppliers, and for that reason, everything has to be accurate. Employee enthusiasm is also crucial for a successful transformation. This involves arousing emotions and involving everyone in the transformation process. You don’t have to manage the transformation alone, MALSTONE will be happy to advise you along the way. We have successfully implemented many projects with our expertise and external perspective. It is not relevant in which industry you are active. In all sectors, transformation is crucial for a sustainable competitive advantage.


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