In the development of any company, the founders come to the point where it is necessary for the business process to be designed and organized without their direct involvement. We help companies cope with this process.

Sustainable performance improvement

As markets, industries and business models continue to evolve, many companies face margin pressures and struggle to satisfy shareholders. To stay relevant and competitive in the new economy, a strong focus on cost competitiveness and operational performance is critical.


Companies embarking on “cost and performance” projects typically evaluate business units that span multiple functions (operations, go-to-market, back office, etc.) to uncover opportunities for value creation. However, executing cost and performance improvement initiatives can be difficult for executives faced with the day-to-day operational challenges of running a business.


That’s where MALSTONE comes in. We identify the right areas to focus on, transforming and strengthening the organization and building the right capabilities to prevent inefficiencies from creeping back in. We use a proven approach to performance improvement, leveraging our deep industry and functional knowledge to design, plan and implement robust cost and performance improvements.


We know that no two businesses or situations are exactly alike. That’s why each program takes into account the specific needs of our clients in terms of pace, tone, culture and the level of skill development required.


At MALSTONE, we want to show you what is possible when you change processes and communication channels without having to hire additional staff, as is usually the case, which leads to unnecessary costs. By improving the processes we make your company ready for the next years to be more competitive and flexible. What is often forgotten is that better processes significantly increase employee satisfaction by eliminating discussions and disputes over areas of responsibility.