In the development of any company, the founders come to the point where it is necessary for the business process to be designed and organized without their direct involvement. We help companies cope with this process.

Are you starting your own business or expanding the existing one? Then the business plan is one of the first steps on your way to self-employment or to implement your idea. Very often, new entrepreneurs find themselves facing a problem and that is “how do I write a professional business plan”?


Why is it important to create a business plan, especially in this day and age, and what benefits can you derive from this tool for your own business? In the past, markets were characterized by relatively stable conditions. Today, change is the only constant, which is why the challenges facing entrepreneurs continue to increase. Signs of saturation are appearing in the markets, changing consumer behavior, falling product manufacturing costs and the time factor are just some of the issues that can affect the life of a company. Despite or precisely because of the drastic changes, there are many opportunities for new and seasoned entrepreneurs. It is crucial to recognize these changes in time and to meet them with appropriate measures. This anticipatory behavior forces both new and existing companies to plan the future responsibly.


We at MALSTONE will gladly take the time for your new idea and successfully put it on paper for a professional business plan which you can use for investors and other interested parties.