In the development of any company, the founders come to the point where it is necessary for the business process to be designed and organized without their direct involvement. We help companies cope with this process.

Establishment of a New Store

Many international companies are planning to open a new branch in Switzerland. But the hurdles are very high because there is currently no employee in Switzerland who can take over this task professionally and quickly.


MALSTONE can help you and provide you with everything you need to start your business quickly and not have to worry about the many details.


Of course, we also offer this service to Swiss entrepreneurs as well who do not want to deal with the whole start-up process, real estate, and employee search.


Closure of Branches/Locations

MALSTONE also offers to handle the closing process for companies that are in the process of closing branches and locations. This also includes that we take care of the personnel interviews and the rest for you. You decide what we can do for you.


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